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2019 The Year of Living Shamelessly

I have three days left to get fit and lose 20 kilos, finish writing my book, turn my home into an austere, minimal sanctuary of peace and joy, spend more time with my friends, learn a new language, and spend less money on unnecessary… Continue Reading “2019 The Year of Living Shamelessly”

Freestyle Life Writing

Freestyle Life Writing is one brilliant way to pour out honest, heart-felt truth. It’s not the only way, but I’ll blog about that another time. As a professional copywriter and ghost writer, I’ve written for other people for a long time. I’ve written in… Continue Reading “Freestyle Life Writing”

A Letter To Yourself

If you wrote a letter to yourself, what would it say? How would you start? What language would you use? How would you express yourself? How truthful would you be? Letters are so old world now, but most of us write to friends and… Continue Reading “A Letter To Yourself”