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Write your life, know yourself.

Communication is one of the most important things to get right in a relationship. Any couple who have been for counselling will have been told to work on their communication. I believe that Life Writing is a kind of self-communication and it can improve your life by making you more aware of your choices, preferences, what you embrace and what you avoid. Whether you’re writing in your daily journal or writing your memoir, you will learn about yourself; how you see things, how you do things.

Writing the story of your first childhood best friend can be a simple recounting of the intersecting of two lives, but it can also be an enormous opportunity to look back over your life and see how that first best friendship impacted on every friendship that followed. Writing about how your family celebrated birthdays can be a real eye-opener. What did your mum do? What part did your dad play? Who made the cake? What new traditions have you added to your birthday celebrations? We all keep what we love and let go of what’s no longer meaningful for us. Writing about things shines a light on the past, makes us more aware of how we are living in the present, and can make us hopeful for the future.

There are a lot of different ways to write about life. I’ll be exploring as many of them as I can, here in my blog, in the coming weeks. I’ll be offering a Life Writing question at the end of every blog post, for you to use. I’d love to read your answer to the question I share, and hear about your writing style. The best way to share with me is on my Facebook Page, here is a link.

The Life Writing question today is: If you could have a conversation with your great-great-grandmother, what would you tell her about yourself and your life? What would you ask her? Try to write as much as you can.

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